My rays of summer come from you


With my thirst for hope bathed in your incandescence, I’ll think of a future. A future with green grass and blue skies and fluffy clouds and you, smiling. A future with sandy beaches and rolling waves and soaring kites and me, smiling. A future with long walks and fresh air and deep sleep and us, smiling.

I can see us sitting in a field like pools of light: an oasis of sound in a desert of stillness. I’ll make friends with your radiance and look at you the way the flowers see the sun. Surrounded by the music of your voice, I’ll let my words dance, and they’ll dance for you. 

Soaring like the birds flocking around my wistful, wondersome mind, I hope to see you in the sunset. I hope to not have to see you mingle in the oranges in yellows. I’d much rather you stay and let me lose myself in the rosiness of your cheeks. 

I’ll cartographically collect the memories of your musical mentality and your gardenesque glow. I’ll keep this map as a memento of the journey you took to my heart. I’ll let nights bleed into mornings as you let two bleed into one. 

Maybe you’re wishing it was summertime for more than the sun; meanwhile, I’m wishing for your sun. I’m wishing for your starry eyes and solar smile. I’m wishing for your universe and all of your planets. I’m wishing for you. 

I see constellations when you look at me. The Big Dipper and Little Dipper percolate my mind when I look at you. You, my north star and my sun. You, my galaxy.

I’ll look for you in the waves just as I look for you between blades of grass. I’ll look for you in the creases in my hands just as I look for you in the cracks in the sidewalk. I’ll look for you in the mirror just as I look for you beside me. I’ll look for you. 

My wistful, wondersome mind will look for a reason that you’re looking for me, too. 

Are you?

Can you see me when the sun casts only one shadow on the ground? Am I there between the branches of the trees? When the raindrops race on the windshield, am I waiting at the finish line?

You are for me. 

No matter where I go, it’s always you and your solar smile staring back at me.