The mood swings of the sky


Coronavirus has seeped into every aspect of our lives.

It changed school, work, friends, communication. But it also has seemed to affect the weather.

The first week, I looked back on the types of days we had. Not one shiny, bright day was in sight. Gray mist covered the sky. Shapeshifting blobs in the sky stayed where they were for seven days.

The environment was trying to grab a hold on things.

Then there was a beacon of hope—a sunny day. People were outside, walking, playing in their yards. We remembered how to smile.

Walking and running became an escape. People started picking it up just for an excuse to leave their crowded boxes full of children bouncing around the walls and the only place they work, sleep, and live.

Back then, it wasn’t so harsh. Friends were allowed to see each other—just six feet apart.

Since then, however, the weather has shifted. Some days good, some days bad. It all depends on the person. There is always a different perspective.

The weather is trying to figure things out for itself.”

No matter if you like a shadow over you like a blanket, a ray warming you up, or something else a mailman endures, this month has given something for all of us.

Thunder crowds us into the house. The clear, starry night sky pulls us out. Then hail comes, and we worry for the cars parked outside. But it eventually all stops.

The snow has come back. Something we have to have: snow in April. I mean, it is Michigan. I love the way it lands on the ground. The peaceful, unique flakes fluttering to the ground, joining all of their friends to make a big pile on the ground.

Although most people hate it, snow in April is good for us. It allows us to not abruptly stop the cold and snow. And it makes everyone happy; the people who love it get to see it a little while longer, and those who don’t get to see it melt overnight.

The weather is trying to figure things out for itself. There are extra people outside. Less cars are filling the air with pollution.

But it is also reminding us there is an end.

“The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.” —A.A. Milne (Eeyore)

The weather reminds us that no matter what happens, life goes on. We don’t need to halt. The weather hasn’t.