Kylie LaBeau: Teacher in Training


Payton Field, Public Relations Manager

Uplifting, effective, and empowering. For senior student and teacher cadet, Kylie LaBeau, these three words are only a few of many that describe her experience working in the classroom as a teacher cadet.

“I love being a teacher cadet,” Kylie said. “Although it’s only a few weeks into the year, it has already been such a positive experience.”

This is Kylie’s first year in the program and she works with Mrs. Beatty’s second grade students at Ada Elementary. According to Kylie, she has already felt an attachment and connection with some of her students.

“It seems like I have made a connection with some of them,” Kylie said. “I don’t know if it’s just because they are second graders, but they are all really open and enjoy spending time with me.”

In numerous occasions, Kylie has found them attached to her side during recess or other free time activities. During her time in the classroom, Kylie helps the students solve simple math problems and improve on reading and writing skills.

“[At times], it is hard to keep it professional,” Kylie said. “I have to make sure they get all of their stuff done when they have to.”

According to Kylie, she also tries to help them stay focused towards the end of their day. One of the things she has learned over the past few weeks is that second graders can be distracted very easily. They can sometimes get off track because of their playful and energetic personalities.

“Second graders do have a lot of energy,” teacher Mrs. Beatty said. “They all love coming to school and learning new things, so of course they are very energetic about it.”

One of Kylie’s favorite parts about working with the students in her class is the comfortableness and eagerness to learn new things. She says that they are very attentive and often “hang” upon her and Mrs. Beatty’s every last word.

“I absolutely love my job,” Beatty said. “Working with second graders is the best job I could have ever asked for. They love learning and they still love their teacher. Each day I go home tired; it’s a good kind of tired though.”

In past years, Mrs. Beatty has had a teacher cadet in the classroom and believes it to be a very beneficial program to introduce high school students to the teaching experience.

“Kylie can [definitely] learn a lot from being in this program,” said Beatty. “She has already learned that she likes working with children and [she can also discover] if she can see herself in a classroom on a permanent basis.”

Agreeing with Mrs. Beatty, Kylie says that she has already learned a lot from this program. She has learned how to appeal to the needs of her students while still keeping it professional. Her hard working personality and attitude towards her students carries through to her work and contributes towards her future plans.

“[When working with kids], you have to remember that you might be the only safe person/place that a student has,” Beatty said.  “Creating a place where kids feel noticed, accepted, safe, respected, encouraged, and even loved is absolutely your number one responsibility. Kylie does well with making her students feel comfortable.”

Kylie, being a past student of Mrs. Beatty’s, said that she hopes to continue her work with the teacher cadet program throughout the rest of the year. With her future fast approaching, the time she spends with the students in the classroom is preparing her for whatever her future has in store. She hopes to have a job that includes teaching and is glad this course has given her experience.

“Since I was little, I have always wanted to be a teacher,” Kylie said. “The fact that there is a class where I can experience it is really amazing.”