Not all work is noticed


A sunflower’s life seems so peaceful. All it has to do is stay in the same spot and grow taller until it blooms and someone picks it.

But how does it get taller?

It starts off as a seed. That seed must germinate and start to grow roots underneath. Or it will not stand.

Then it must fight through the dirt to even reach the nurturing sun. When it stands tall out of the dirt, it must fight to attain the sun it needs before another greedy brother of his nullifies all of its hard work.

Rain. Humans associate it with gloominess, yet it is something this flower yearns for. Although it will get pushed around and drenched for a while, the flower knows that in order to move on and grow to full height, it must suffer through the pain. After all, it has its roots; it’s not going anywhere.

All of this fighting and persevering and what is in the end? It blooms. First is a layer of green shields. Then a breathtaking gold surrounds the brown seeds it holds inside. Knowing how hard it is to survive, the gold and green protects the plentiful seeds.

They fight through pain and competition. And that only makes it stronger and ready. Strong enough to stand by its relatives and stand tall. Ready for its final destination. Ready for its face to see the light of day.

The flower knows that in order to move on and grow to full height, it must suffer through the pain.

This work. These struggles. Plucked by a human. Eaten by an animal. Defeated by its frenemy of weather. Die when it is ready. Yet it still grows. It still brings joy to itself and onlookers. The sunflower won’t give up.

The sunflower knows not to compare themselves to others. The sunflower knows its time will come. The sunflower knows its relatives will all be different heights and bloom at different times. It knows some will not make it.

A sunflower just wants to grow, aware of the obstacles ahead of it, still reaching for the sun.