If the big screen could encompass 16 years


Lounging in a squishy theater chair, staring at a screen that is bigger than a phone or computer for something other than school, all while I learn about the life of an unknown person—the ups and downs— in just an hour and a half.

Montages. Flashbacks. Climaxes. Perfect friends. Adventures. No homework. A free life.

What if my life was a movie that I could watch?

People would stare at my life thinking of how absurd it is. That’s not reality.

And, clearly, producers would have to add things to it. Otherwise, the movie would be useless, and people would stare at a pretty blank life. There would not be much of a plot to my repetitive, formative years.

But I would be able to easily reflect on my life. I would have flashbacks where I was running around the woods building forts with my siblings. I would see my recent summer adventures. I would see myself making friends and then plaguing myself with the fear that they don’t like me.

There would be montages. I could see all of my accomplishments in the length of a song. I could see all of my challenges and how I overcame them.

The lights would beam into the eyes that saw my life flash before me.”

I would gain incredible confidence. I would finally get over the enemy that has held me back.

A soundtrack would be added to my life, one illed with songs that I listen to on repeat anyway along with, obviously, some Christmas and Disney songs.

My worries would float away until they reached Pluto. My stresses would come and go as the movie progressed, but I would always remember that those stresses had already been taken care of. My struggles would momentarily leap out of my chest, and they would soar into a crevice of my brain that locks up when I don’t want to think of it anymore.

But then, the lights would turn on, and the fog of reality would creep back in to cover my eyes.

Those one-and-a-half hours would be over and the theater would clear. I would linger alone in a seat with my coat behind my head. The lights would beam into the eyes that saw my life flash before me. The screen in front of me would slow to a stop.

I would be the only one left to live the remainder of my life, but that didn’t change because of a movie. I am the only one who has ever lived my life. Others come and go in my movie, but they have their own.

I am not alone, but no one else can truly be me.