Toom filled my Mediterranean craving

I like to think that I am easygoing, but I am not.

It can be a real struggle when I am picking out what to eat; trying to balance taste and health is a difficult dilemma. Luckily, I found the perfect restaurant to suit my taste. Toom, located on 28th Street in Cascade, has a diverse Mediterranean cuisine to align with all eaters.

With the menu at Toom, they off the ability to mix and match to fit your palate, similar to Subway. They also have some pre-designed shawarmas, falafels, and others.

After the arduous process of choosing what to eat, I ended up with a chicken shawarma. Chicken shawarmas are a personal favorite of mine, so, after I ordered, I was anxious to try it.

Chicken shawarma wrap

I was delighted with my meal. The warm shawarma was flavorful and piquant. I found the garlic sauce, shredded chicken, and pickles to be delectable. If you put all those ingredients in a crispy pita with some Mediterranean zest, you simply cannot go wrong. I topped off my meal with two pieces of baklava. The baklava is unique, and I appreciate it for that; it has many layers of thin bread drizzled with a saccharine goo. Baklava was foreign to me, but I enjoyed it.

The food quality was high whilst maintaining a good price. The interior of the restaurant was pretty average; it was adequate, but nothing special. I would compare the interior to that of a Chipotle. I could say the same about the mood of the restaurant; it was not bad, but it was nothing particularly special. In today’s world, you might not want to dine-in. Fortunately, Toom has a drive-through option.

The gentleman who took my order was patient with my mother, who could not pronounce any of the foods. It took about ten minutes for them to prepare two meals. I was surprised by the portion size—it was huge—about ten inches long. I was pleased with the portion because I was able to bring some food home. 

The service was fast and enjoyable, and I left happier than I came.