Tuesday Motivation


Rene Maier, Managing Editor


Everyone needs motivation going into the eighth week of school, whether you are a senior in high school and the “senioritis” is starting to boil up, or if you’re in sixth grade and the bullies are causing your love of recess to dwindle. It’s okay to need to seek a little bit of help in others and it’s okay to need to take time for yourself, I have noticed myself having to pause and take a minute to think more and more often as I have grown up. But, to stay motivated and to keep your head on straight is the number one thing that you have to remember each and every day because there is no point in overdoing it and causing yourself to stress.

Stay on top of the book you are reading in your English class and make sure you do your math homework even though it isn’t for a grade, because when the test comes you’ll be thankful that you practiced. Procrastination is also something that you should shy away from and it’s okay to put off an essay until a couple days before it’s due, but not the night before, because you’ll be up until the crack of dawn writing gibberish for a sub par grade. Stay motivated and know that you can do it; you don’t have to wait until the last minute to do everything.

Aside from schoolwork and stress from school, motivation can come in so many different forms. Motivate yourself to be the best you can be, but more importantly, motivate someone around you to better than they are. Motivation is contagious because when people see you encouraging others to get better then they will want to become better themselves.

“Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”

This is one of my favorite quotes because I try my best to be everything that others want me to be and sometimes I lose sight of my end goals so I have to take time and think about why I do the things I do. I want to be that someone that motivates others and inspires them to turn around and do the same. So, don’t let that playground bully get you down and don’t let your procrastination cause unnecessary stress. Instead, motivate yourself to be someone nobody thought you could be.