School Culture Can Take a Hike

How does the school’s culture improve when the students who want to participate will, but the students who are reluctant do not? You cannot force school culture upon our student body, because those that aren’t already involved, aren’t involved for a reason. Being in a competitive district for academics, some students are too focused on their academics to bother with school spirit. The school is continuing to push the movement of culture, cutting class time for assemblies and less time out of class on weekends for schoolwork due the next week. If you compared Forest Hills Central to other schools, our school would have equal, if not more, school spirit than some of our competitors.

While I find this important, that isn’t what we really gain recognition for- the real key to a well-known school is its academic success. Focus on getting students more involved in class with more educational activities and start putting more emphasis on their comprehension of the material learned, not just their test scores. You will see a drastic change in the way kids here hold themselves. By pouring more money and effort into improving school culture, you’re detracting from the possibility of bringing light to issues we’re missing.

We could be installing more water bottle fountains with the money no longer going to culture related things, such as special trips and meals provided by the school. If you’ve ever seen a teachers recycling bin for plastic, you would know exactly how many water bottles students here go through. But of course, we wouldn’t know that; we’re too busy with improving our school culture at assemblies to learn about important issues we’re contributing to. I remember one time I attempted to leave school so I would not have to go to another school assembly and was greeted by Mr. Passinault who told me I could not leave. This baffled me: so you’re telling me I’m being forced to stay in this school and have fun? On a Friday, when class is out? After working hard in school all day, all I want to do is go home and take a nap and have a snack. If the administrators really wanted to pump us up before the football game later that night, they would let us out early with absolutely no strings attached. By releasing us early, those who have work that they need to do can go home and start working.

The most productive times of work for me are typically Friday after school, when I remember what assignments I have to do, and Sunday night, after a busy weekend. If some of us do not have work, we can choose to be with our friends and pump ourselves up, instead of being pumped up with some activity that pits the grades against each other. actually makes you wish you were in class, finishing the work that you’ll have to do the following Sunday evening.

You want me to have school culture? Then give me something to be proud about. Why on earth would I think more highly of the same exact school, for no reason? Get us involved in activities that aren’t futile and could possibly help the community in some way. No one’s going to say, “Did you hear about Central’s assembly? They arranged letters into words! How cool is that?!” I want to succeed in things, to help people. Why have school spirit if there is no reason for it?