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Gabi Dykema
Gabi will be entering her second year on staff this upcoming year. Last year, she was The Central Trend’s Director of Public Relations. In the future, she plans on majoring in either journalism or English, and four out of six of her classes next year will be to improve my writing skills. She has played on the girl’s varsity golf team for two years, which has helped her become mentally tough. It’s unlikely there’s something she's not involved in, participating in Boost, Diversity Club, and National Honors Society. Just like PR for The Central Trend, she has also raised awareness as well as money at the annual charity basketball game since freshman year, from the Purple Game to the transition to the Red Game. She was chosen to be an FHC ambassador for welcoming visitors to the school and showing them around. She's more than excited to get in more writing experience with her Central Trend family and can't wait for you to read her classmate's amazing material.

  • Favorite thing about being on staff:

I love the feeling of acceptance that is always present. We never seem to have issues with each other and every day I walk into this room knowing we’re going to have fun. The staff is so hardworking and unique that we all bring interesting aspects to the table and all of my classmates are extraordinary writers and people.

  • Favorite type of story to write:

 I love writing columns and am so excited to finally be a columnist as a senior on staff. Back-to-back opinion articles are also fun to write, which basically are structured, friendly arguments with another staff writer.

  • Extracurricular activities/sports:

Golf, NHS, Boost, Global Leaders Initiative.

  • Hobbies/Interests:

Creative writing, baking, telling jokes, and running.

  • Favorite book and why:

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, we read it in AP Lang and I’ve loved it ever since. The message it sends and the story are so moving that I wanted to read it again right after (and it’s a very long 600 page book).

  • If it is Friday night, you will most likely find Gabi:

Hanging out with my two best friends, Amber Cargill and Novi Dosanjh. You never know what kind of crazy things we’ll do when we’re together!

Gabi Dykema, Staff Writer

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Gabi Dykema