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In an eventful week of top tier games and after many twists and turns in the conference, we witnessed conference standings turned upside down. As the Utah Jazz continued their eight-game win streak solidifying their number one spot in the Western Conference, the Philadelphia 76ers bounced back after a disappointing loss to the Pistons by defeating last year’s NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers. 

In another turn of events, following all-star James Harden’s departure from the Houston Rockets, the Rockets are now seeking their fifth win in a row in a hot streak since they parted ways with the former MVP.

Former teammate John Wall stated that “they struggled to play with a teammate who did not have any intention of finishing the season with them.” The biggest change appeared to be that since the Harden departure, the Rockets are sharing the ball much more efficiently than before. Harden is finding success too, as the Brooklyn Nets are looking to gain their fourth win in a row and inch closer to the top spot in the Eastern Conference.  

On January 24, star Stephen Curry passed Reggie Miller in all-time three-pointers made. During the third quarter of the Golden State Warriors Utah Jazz game, three-point extraordinaire Stephen Curry hit his fourth three-pointer of the game, moving him to number two all-time in three pointers made. As Curry remains 400 three-pointers away from Ray Allen in the number one spot, it looks as if his next season might be the year that he gains the title. As Steph made his 2,578th three-pointer last game, the Warriors still have mountains to climb this season as they are currently sitting in the bottom half of the Western Conference.

In the Eastern Conference, the Washington Wizards are at the bottom of the totem pole despite having one of the best scorers in the league. Bradley Beal averages 35 points a game with several performances with over 40 points, despite his team continuously losing. One of the most explosive players in the league in Russell Westbrook was brought in during the offseason, but in their latest loss, Beal put up an impressive 47 points.