It’s Now or Never: Your Vote Matters


We would not be human without an opinion; our values and beliefs are what characterize us as people and what allow us to be individually unique. So when it comes to the time when our values, beliefs, and opinions matter most in our country, why are we choosing not to vote in this crucial, yet exciting 2016 Presidential election?

As American citizens, we are birthed into a country that allows us to have a voice in our government. It’s the simplest definition of a democracy. When our country was formed, our ancestors and patriot Americans fought that we might have the right to vote.  Election Day is our for designated day to choose who leads us as citizens in unity. This day was given to us by our forefathers who passionately carved out our Constitution because of their powerful belief, hatred of monarchy, sacrifice, and death. The history, wars, and people who built our America cannot be wasted on a simple, ignorant thinking of saying  “I am choosing not to vote.”  

Both the democratic and republican parties represent separate strengths and weaknesses. In a perfect world, our country would not be divided into groups that bring animosity, anger, and resentment; Our democracy was designed to bring those polar opposite beliefs to a table in which our community comes together in unison to elect the President and Commander in Chief and choose what direction we would like our leader to take us.  

Although you make think of yourself as an individual whose vote does not matter, that belief could not be further from the truth. There will always be the possibility that it could come down to that one, single vote. That one, single vote could ultimately determine that one, single electoral vote which determines America’s future for the next four to eight years. Your individual opinions, beliefs, and values could result in the election of our next president.

With all the encouragement provided, watch the news, read articles, talk to your family, friends and  neighbors, watch the numerous, repetitive speeches of our presidential candidates, and gain a perspective on our government in whose future which you have a voice. Our defined name of “American citizen” would be useless and wasted if we used November 8th as a day to sit back and watch the poll results roll in on television as opposed to being a part of them.

The presidential candidates’ names are not the only thing on the ballots. On November 8th, we also have the right to choose who we put in the Senate and the House of Representatives as well as in our local government. We are not only picking a person to lead our nation, but also someone to lead us in our local community.

So, when it comes down to it, if you choose not to vote for yourself, at least vote to choose a candidate to lead our country for your children, parents, schools, veterans, economy, and government. After all, we would not be the United States of America without the right to vote for our next President.

“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves, and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”- Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd U.S. President