It’s Only 596.8 Miles


Rene Maier, Managing Editor

“I really hope that you get into Minnesota, but at the same time I want you to stay here because I would miss you too much.”

Some of the hardest and most heartfelt words that I have heard in a long time. Looking towards my dream of moving away I know that it’s what I truly want, but realizing how I’m going to get to that point is scary. Friendships are going to be strained and broken without the intention of doing so and I don’t know if I want that. Of course, there are other friends that I am going to make but breaking out of the bubble and moving 596.8 miles away gets scarier and scarier every day. My acceptance has still not been confirmed but Minnesota is my top choice and confirmed school if I am accepted.

Outside the bubble doesn’t scare me, not having the people around me that I have known for over ten years does. I have been accepted to WMU and more of my classmates post their acceptances to the school all the time, so it being my second choice gives me reassurance that I will be surrounded with little pieces of my childhood and home if I do decide to go there instead. In contrast there are planes and cars and a 9 hour drive isn’t that bad for some to come and visit me, and I know home will always be here, but again relationships are strained and forgotten about.

Although I know my friendships can withstand the many miles, I don’t know if seeing everyone being together back in Michigan, enjoying the beautiful weather and company will allow me comfort or make my heart miss home and dwell to come back. These thoughts scare me but the thrill of leaving also excites me because many of my friends have already planned to visit me out West and enjoy all that Minnesota has to offer, mostly the Mall of America, but also seeing what I get to experience everyday.  

All in all, my friendships are going to be tough to leave but the thought of starting with a clean slate and open mind again excites me whether I decide on Western Michigan or Minnesota.