The Ping Pong Club helps bring both new and old ping pong players together

Weary of playing by himself and longing for an opponent, freshman Logan Mix decided to start a Ping Pong Club.

“It was tiring practicing by myself,” Logan said. “I wanted to practice [against] people with different skill sets, so I decided to start the club.”

As the founder of the Ping Pong Club, Logan wanted to create a friendly place for people that are interested in joining to have an enjoyable time playing some ping pong.

“It’s a club where we get some people together to play ping pong, have some fun, and get practice,” Logan said. “[People get to see] other people’s skill sets and what they’re good at.” 

Logan’s love for ping pong started to develop after he had gotten a ping pong table last year. 

“We got a ping pong table last Christmas,” Logan said, “and I started playing on that consistently with my dad every day for one or two hours.”

Logan finds joy in playing ping pong more for the competitive aspect and because of how skilled he really is.

“I find it satisfying to get points in long volleys,” Logan said. “I have good hand-eye coordination and reflexes.”

The club’s meetings are held in the old gym, but the days and times aren’t consistent. The club is currently a work in progress, averaging about six to seven members, but soon, it will be one of the top places for the ping pong players of FHC to connect. 

Teacher advisor Jason Majerle helps run the Ping Pong Club and has his own experience with the sport.

“I’ve played ping pong my whole life,” Majerle said. “I’m average and not very good.” 

The club may have been founded by Logan, but it wouldn’t have been accomplished without the help of Majerle.

“A couple of students came and found me to organize [the Ping Pong Club],” Majerle said. “Logan was one of the students who came and asked me if we could start it up, and I said sure. I told him that we would try a couple [meetings] first semester, then when the second semester rolls around, and if it went well, then we would set it up.”

Others may play the sport for fun or to have a good time with friends, but Majerle plays to win.

“I love to compete,” Majerle said, “so [the Ping Pong Club] is another way for me to put my competitive edge in. I like to win and hate to lose even more, so it’s a great spot [to let my competitive side out].”

Freshman Connor Bast is one of the more experienced ping pong players to join the club. He believes that the club is as warm and welcoming as others have said.

“[The Ping Pong Club] is a fun time,” Connor said, “where people can learn more about the sport.”

Connor has had two years of experience playing ping pong; he enjoys it because of the excitement and how easy it is to master.

“I think [ping pong] is a fun and easy-to-learn sport,” Connor said. “Everyone can have fun in [it].”

Once members enter the old gym, they are able to play a variety of different games.

“[After] we set up the tables, we play king of the tables, where the winner stays while the others have to rotate,” Connor said. “The meetings last up to about an hour.”

The Ping Pong Club may just be starting, but it’s already one of the most welcoming and friendly clubs there are. With players that are willing to teach new members how to play—teachers and students alike—that are fascinated by the sport, such as Majerle, the Ping Pong Club will be the best place for ping pong players to come together and have a good time playing some ping pong.

“[Club meetings] are a time for people to play some ping pong, hang out, and have a good time,” Majerle said. “[The Ping Pong Club is filled with] people that are really good or people that are just starting. [The club is a good way to] make new friends and compete.”