I won’t be getting any work done anytime soon

At school, I find it hard to keep my eyes open in class. 

It feels like the teacher’s lectures go on for days as I face the constant struggle to stay awake. These days, I even find myself wondering if I am awake or just dreaming that I am in class, allowing for an inception-like feeling. 

I tell myself to go to bed early and get more hours of sleep, but for me, that’s nearly impossible. My teachers wish I would get more sleep too, but I never manage to. 

I usually spend my day procrastinating. I will often set a time to start doing homework when I get back from school, but will slowly start to increase this time the more I am having fun.

Even when I start doing work, I am not safe because I will often get distracted by my phone, allowing myself to take unnecessary breaks, in increments of five to ten minutes. 

I start to become so entranced by videos I see that I forget about the time passing by until it reaches late hours of the night, and I have nearly run out of time to do the work I’ve been meaning to do for hours before.

It’s so easy to become distracted that by the time I should go to sleep, I am still rushing to get all my homework done. 

After finishing all my homework, I spend my time in bed stressing about going to sleep so I won’t be tired in the morning, but this only leads to me staying up longer than I should have.

I used to go to sleep far earlier because my sister would be around to keep me from procrastinating. Every time I walked past her room, I would see her doing her homework and remember that I had some to do too. 

Now, without her to keep me in check, I spend hours of my life wasting my time with hours of stressing over work.

My worst case of procrastination would have to be the year that I was completely online. I wanted to go hybrid, but one of my parents got sick, and I decided against it. 

I expected online school to be easy, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. A month into the school year, I still had no idea when my classes were. 

I didn’t try very hard to figure that out, but this was quickly changed when I saw the numerous E’s on PowerSchool. I was horrified. I had accepted my fate and decided to take the failing grades until my parents got ahold of them.

Suddenly, I was working day and night to get my grades up to an acceptable level. Finishing with all A-‘s was not something I necessarily wanted, but it was quite a feat from the E’s. 

I tell myself constantly to try and get a better sleep schedule, but it seems to be about as easy as climbing a mountain.

All I can do for now is hope and pray that I can successfully make it through this year with good grades.