Despite my preconceived notions, Arcane proved me wrong



A picture of the cover of the TV show

When I heard that Riot Games was making a Netflix series on the game League of Legends, I couldn’t help but laugh; a company that has only made video games before is now deciding to make a show? I was appalled, but after watching the show Arcane, I now believe that Riot Games can do anything.

Currently, the show is still ongoing with the new episodes releasing on Saturdays. I didn’t plan on watching the show upon its release, but after constant nagging from a friend of mine, I had to see just how great the show was, and it’s now the only thing I am looking forward to during the weekend. I am pleased that I decided to give the show a chance because it’s one of the best things I have witnessed in a while.

The show begins with the origin of two main characters called Vi, played by Hailee Steinfield, and Powder, played by Mia Sinclair Jenness, as they try to make a living in the underparts of the city. Each episode is split into two different storylines. There is a storyline that follows a prestigious academic scholar named Jayce, played by Kevin Alejandro, who is trying his best to change the world in a positive way but comes across the darker sides of being a higher up in society. The other storyline follows two sisters struggling to survive in the underparts of the city. 

I may not have liked the above-ground story as much, but everything else was five-star quality.”

It is easy to tell the difference between the storylines because one takes place in a bright, sun-shining metropolis while the other takes place in a darker and gloomy world, showing the differences between the characters and their storylines. 

The forty-minute episodes are always entertaining because they keep hopping from different characters, sceneries, and stories, keeping the viewer’s attention. What also makes the story even better is how all the character’s stories eventually intertwine with each other. For example, there is a scene where Vi and Powder attempt to rob someone’s house but end up making a bigger mess for themselves, which is the segway to the second storyline. 

The underground story was something that I immediately fell in love with. The journey of the two sisters and their tragedies may sound boring on paper but, while watching, I could feel all the emotions of each character. Every touching scene just felt as if I was standing right there with them. 

There is a scene where Powder tries her best to help, but ends up making the situation even worse. The conversation after her excursion was agonizing to watch. You can see Vi trying her best not to get angry, but as her emotions slowly start seeping through the walls she has put up, it becomes such a heartbreaking scene and I had to force myself to look at the screen. 

I may not have liked the above-ground story as much, but everything else was five-star quality. From its cartoonish and unique animations to its engaging story that always has me at the edge of my seat, Arcane is definitely a must-watch.

Overall, Arcane is a masterpiece that I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for something to watch, even if it’s not their typical choice. I suggest they give it a chance like I did and they’ll hopefully love it as much as I do.