OFFLINE by Aerie met my needs more than I expected

First impressions are always the first priority for a shopper like me. I don’t shop often, but when I do, I like particular stores that fit my needs. Recently, a clothing store called Aerie came out with a new athletic store—OFFLINE by Aerie. The store can be found in places like Woodland Mall and the Tanger Outlet Center.

The look of the store itself felt very vibrant and gave off happy vibes—I walked in with a good feeling that I’d walk out with something in my hands. 

Of course, I didn’t just go by myself or walk into the store without any knowledge of what I was getting myself into; I had some company with me—junior Kaylin Scheuneman, who loves Aerie—and she prepared me for all the outstanding outfits that could be created from these newly designed clothes.

As I walked around the store, there were arrays of color displayed. Different materials were used for each piece of clothing, and there were multiple sizes, but I noticed there wasn’t a huge range. 

The way the clothes were lined up by short sleeves and long sleeves on the wall and all the leggings and pants on tables or hangers made it very easy and quick to find what I was looking for. As far as what’s popular and in style, OFFLINE has become a popular place to find new flare leggings. I went to see for myself why these leggings by Aerie were such a big deal; I walked out of the rustic-styled fitting room with many reasons why I loved their pant choices, not just the flare style. I can now see why the store has been deemed so fantastic with its clothing options. 

I tried on a blue pair of flare leggings, and the first thing I noticed was the feeling on the inside; however, I am short, and they were too long, but they were beyond comfortable. As someone who is active and walks around many different places, I was grateful that these pants kept me warm but felt lightweight. I found it interesting how everything in the store is perfect if you need more athletic wear or things to wear when you’re not exercising but simply on the go. 

I walked in with a good feeling that I’d walk out with something in my hands. ”

As the time flew by, I tried on many more pairs of leggings; my favorite had to be the leather leggings. They gave off a cool vibe and felt very nice and elastic for the style of leggings they were. Along with that, I glanced in the mirror a few times as I felt the stretchiness of the Sidewalk’s Seamless cropped t-shirt. All their t-shirts are designed and redesigned based upon the reviews others give. This white t-shirt was made out of some type of material that carried support and confidence. 

Although the shirts and leggings caught my attention the most, for that’s what I wear on a daily basis, the store offered much more—things such as puffer coats, matching ski gear—tan snow pants and a comfy tan jacket—dresses, jumpsuits, and so much more. 

My overall impression was pretty impressed. The store had the ability to make any customer feel confident in their clothing choices and feel welcomed by all the working faces. I felt ready for the variety of styles I was faced with. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the environment I was put in. 

If you’re looking for some stylish, new athletic wear, I would definitely check out this new popular store. Woodland Mall is lucky to have such a store to bring new people and smiles into its community. There is only one store that could match the tone of how I was feeling, and OFFLINE helped change my mind about Aerie and make me feel more aware of my clothing choices and options.