Kaylin Schueneman has risen above the title of “freshman”

Being a freshman is tough.

Freshmen are incorporated into the chaotic jungle of high school arguably overnight; one night they soundly fall asleep as incoming freshmen, and the next, they nervously go to sleep as targeted prey within a completely new environment. 

For freshman Kaylin Schueneman, this unfamiliar environment did not pose too much of a challenge to find and stand her ground in. Being a freshman a part of two separate varsity teams, Kaylin definitely has gathered knowledge and experience in interacting with the ravenous, intimidating upperclassmen. 

“I have really enjoyed my freshman year,” Kaylin said. “It was way more work and way more stressful than eighth grade, but I enjoyed it a lot more.” 

Defining Kaylin’s freshman year are her two passions: dance team and lacrosse. Luckily, the two varsity sports have harmonious seasons; however, this means that Kaylin is only allotted a brief break in the transition from dance team to lacrosse. As to how Kaylin balances a constant hectic schedule, she says she simply just does.

Involving dance, Kaylin received constant encouragement from her best friend, freshman Ali Grendel, to continue pursuing it. Both once members of the same dance studio, countless hours of practice, training, and drilling allowed them both to develop a strong, reliable technique and eventually discover that they met the requirements for the high school dance team. 

“Ali and I made a bucket list when we were little, and one of our six goals was to be on the dance team together,” Kaylin said. 

With their adorable goal accomplished, the pair was able to experience dancing at football and basketball games, competing at regional competitions, and competing at nationals in Orlando, Florida together. Deeming her season as successful for a variety of reasons, Kaylin misses the weekly experiences of dance team already. 

I’m excited for sophomore year because being a freshman means getting teased a lot by the upperclassmen.”

— Kaylin Schueneman

“I really enjoyed my freshman year on the team,” Kaylin said. “I think all of the girls are super nice, and I improved way more than I did at studio.” 

Following the conclusion of nationals, and consequently the dance team season, at the end of February, Kaylin is directing her attention towards her other varsity sport. Interestingly, Kaylin’s first season on the FHC girls varsity lacrosse team is similarly the first season of the program’s existence. 

“It used to be a Northern, Eastern, and Central team,” Kaylin said. “But, Central split off into its own team, so they needed new players, and they took in a ton of new players.” 

Kaylin is hardly anything but enthusiastic about being able to participate on a team that is finally solely comprised of FHC athletes. Regarding her goals for the upcoming season, Kaylin is determined to simply continue bettering herself. 

“They just threw a bunch of girls that I’ve never played with before on varsity,” Kaylin said. “So, [my goal is] to improve a lot more.” 

With spring around the corner, lacrosse will be commencing any moment now; however, spring also symbolizes the beginning of the conclusion of Kaylin’s freshman year. 

Although her freshman year posed challenges such as adapting to expectations and a workload previously foreign to Kaylin, her determination was a guiding light in maneuvering the significant stresses that high school provides. 

“I’m excited for sophomore year because being a freshman means getting teased a lot by the upperclassmen,” Kaylin said. 

As to advice she can pose to the class directly under her, Kaylin believes that responsibility and maturity are key to having a rewarding freshman year. 

“Don’t be immature, act normal, and do your work,” Kaylin said.