Dairy Queen’s summer menu pt. 2


Ellie McDowell

A few picture taken on the way to get the Dairy Queen treats

My family goes to Dairy Queen often in the summer; it’s one of our favorite places to get ice cream. In my last review, I talked about DQ’s new summer blizzards. I then found out that they have more new summer desserts, and I decided that I had to try them. So, consider this a part two.

S’mores Shake

I talked in my last review about how much I hate chocolate ice cream. I went into this review not realising that this shake was chocolate, which was kind of idiotic on my part.

Despite the chocolate ice cream, this shake was quite good. It tasted like a cookies and cream shake but with a hint of marshmallow to me. There were graham cracker pieces in the shake which gave it a cookies and cream feel. There was also some marshmallow fluff, which is why I tasted marshmallow.

I think that there should have been more marshmallow and maybe some chocolate pieces in addition to the chocolate ice cream. That would have given it more of a s’mores taste and less like cookies and cream.

I probably wouldn’t get this shake again because of my aversion to chocolate ice cream, but if you like chocolate or s’mores, you should try it out.

Poolside Punch Twisty Misty Slush

I had no idea what to expect from this drink. I looked at a brief picture of it online, but there was no description. When I saw it for the first time, I literally gasped.

I went into this review not realising that this shake was chocolate, which was kind of idiotic on my part.

— Alex Smith

The colors are so pretty, and I wanted to keep the drink forever to just look at it.

However, for me, the only good part was the way it looked. My first sip was good, but that’s it. It took a while for me to figure out what it tasted like, but I decided on fruit punch, which makes sense considering the name. I’m not a huge fan of fruit punch, which probably added to my dislike of the drink.

Another downside is that it was so incredibly sweet. I felt like I was drinking straight sugar. I almost immediately got a headache that remained until a while after I stopped drinking. I usually get headaches when I have something really sweet, so I tried to gather an opinion on this drink very quickly.

Despite my dislike of this slush, I do think that it gives off summer vibes. The fruity taste, the sweetness, and the colors make it the perfect summer drink. I won’t be getting it again, but if sweets and fruit punch are your thing, you definitely should. Or, you could get it and admire the way it looks for a while.

Fruity Blast Dipped Cone

My dad and brother always get a chocolate dip cone when we go to Dairy Queen. I don’t like chocolate, and I don’t like cones, so I never get that. However, I don’t regret getting the Fruity Blast Dipped Cone. The dip is a gorgeous blue color, and I didn’t really want to eat it because the color was so amazing. But, it started to melt, so I inevitably had to take a bite.

The coating tasted like froot loops; it was a very nostalgic experience. I immediately ate all of the dip which left me with just plain vanilla ice cream in a cone. I was very disappointed because I missed the flavor of the dip. I wish that the ice cream was a fun flavor as well; that would have completely sealed the deal.

When I was first handed the cone, it immediately reminded me of summer. The color, the taste, the smell, it was very summery. I definitely recommend this, but you might be disappointed once all the dip is gone.