Hockey is the one thing that defines me


Becca Lipke

This is me playing hockey

The whole crowd focused on the puck, mesmerized. Nobody moved an inch. Sweat dripped from my helmet as I was ready for the draw. The whistle blew, the referee’s arm raised, and the puck dropped.

I’ve always dreamed and aspired to make it to the next level. Never taking my eye off the end goal, letting nothing distract me. Every kid who is involved at a young age has dreams of playing professionally or even just in college. But they don’t have that passion to work every day or push for the mark or goal they set for themselves. 

Hockey has grown to be a part of me; I don’t really have any more pieces to my identity. Many people may think that’s sad or feel bad for me for only having one thing that brings me complete joy, but to me, I could care less. I’m very fortunate to have such a passion for a sport. I look forward every day, not for school to end or to go home and do nothing but to get out on the ice and work and have fun doing the thing that shapes my identity. I look forward to it because it’s the time of day when I feel like I’m in my true form. Gliding through the ice with a little rubber oval in clunky gear on one-inch blades is who I am.

I feel like hockey has kept me away or almost shielded me from typical teenage behavior. Hockey is my safe place and I resort to it when sad or happy. Instead of partying or getting into trouble, I always went for hockey or practiced for hockey. I never really did any of those things and now at the age I am, since I never did any of that or went out a lot with friends, I feel less obligated to do that stuff and more obligated to play hockey. It was another sign pointing me to knowing it is my life. 

Hockey has grown to be a part of me, I don’t really have any more pieces to my identity.”

Hockey has impacted me to be a more kind and caring person both off and on the ice. Instead of sitting at home and being on my phone and not interacting with people as much if I didn’t play hockey. I don’t think I would be as well-rounded as an individual as I am today. Hockey has helped me see the world from beyond the perspective I saw it. I was always very childish and acted immaturely, but now, with the discipline and the from my coaches, they have helped me become a more complete kid in the way I act.

The teamwork has helped me grow bonds and helped me be more socially active and get myself out there more instead of being shy and timid. Most importantly to me, hockey is so meaningful it is the one thing I always say about myself. It makes me feel proud knowing I put maximum effort into it and focus on it so much to be where I am today, and I have hockey to thank for this completeness feeling.

I play other sports but nothing has touched me and shaped me as much as the sport of hockey. I’m very thankful to be able to play such a life-changing sport to me; hockey is my true identity and will always be.