Here are my personal favorite purchases from Amazon


Arpita Das

A picture of one of many press on nails that I’ve applied on my hands.

I loathe shopping. Just kidding, I adore it, but only if it’s online. For some reason, going inside stores has never really been my forte. I’ve always been someone who loves to purchase items from the comfort of my own bed. As someone who’s addicted to purchasing items from Amazon for the past four years, I would be lying if I said I actually used every single thing that I’ve ever bought from the website. But if I had to estimate how often I buy from Amazon, I would say at least once a week. 

With that being said, here are the most routinely used items that I have bought from Amazon. 

I loathe shopping. Just kidding, I adore it, but only if it’s online.”

Press-on nails

Never have I ever had acrylic nails. Although I love their appearance, the process of getting them has always been a fear of mine. However, about a year ago, I was scrolling on Instagram and came across Jess Conte’s story announcing her release of press-on nails with the company imPRESS. From this point forward, the press on nail obsession began, but the reason why I admire them so much is that they are more affordable, healthier, reusable, and take little time to apply.

The softest long sleeve I own.


My favorite show is The Flash, it always has been, but being an avid watcher of the show started to become unsatisfactory for me. So to become a true fan, I thought that I would get myself some merch to feel more connected to the show.  Almost every single sweatshirt or crew neck that I possess is from Amazon. The quality of the material always pulls through, but one thing I do recommend when purchasing clothing is to look at the reviews as well as the number of reviews to determine if the product is worthy of buying.

Reebok tennis shoes

When it comes to deciding on my wardrobe, I am a very picky person. To make this process a little simpler, I’ve decided to stick between two colors of shoes: black and white. My favorite piece of white footwear is the Reebok tennis shoe because it is the perfect sneaker that can be paired with almost anything. 


I buy almost all of my bottoms from Amazon. If I’m not getting them at the mall from JCPenny, I’m headed straight to Amazon. Whether I just need bottoms to lounge around in—or even to get a good workout in—Amazon has me covered. The leggings not only come in a multitude of colors, shapes, and sizes, but also comes in different styles, such as flare, jogger, or even capris.

The most common hairstyle I make with claw clips.

Scrunchies/Claw Clips 

Even though I was never a “VSCO girl,” I have been wearing scrunchies for the past couple of years now, and it would be an understatement to say that it’s an addiction simply because it’s more than that: it’s a lifestyle. Hair ties never seem to work for me because they’d not only pull out my hair, but they would always leave red marks if I tried to wear them on my wrist. With scrunchies, I’ve found that they’re particularly easy to use, never break, and I can even create a variety of hairstyles with them. They’re also adorable, and, in my opinion, never go out of style, even as a junior in high school. But sometimes, scrunchies aren’t enough for me, which is why I decided to turn to the ultimate hair piece that I think everyone should own: claw clips. They are an easy way to keep your hair out of your face without having to worry about your hair falling out while also being able to look effortlessly cute. In my experience of using claw clips, I’ve found that they work in similar ways that scrunchies do. They’re also a useful item to use in the shower to prevent your hair from getting wet. 

The blue 24 oz Hydroflask

Hydro Flask 

Unfortunately, I’ve also become one of those girls to be in possession of a Hydro Flask. Despite how “basic” I might be for having one, my reasons for using them are valid. Out of all the water bottles I’ve ever purchased, the Hydro Flask is the only one that never dents or rusts and consistently kept my water cold.

Milk frother

Milk Frother 

Around the time when quarantine started to become more prevalent, I found myself relying more on the consumption of caffeine to keep myself motivated during the dark and treacherous months of school. But the more I started to drink coffee, the more I realized that throwing coffee and milk in a cup just wasn’t cutting it. Hence, I turned to the milk frother; essentially, it’s a blender for all your liquid desires. Using this frother not only brought out the flavor more but also distributed it more easily, making it more flavorful with every sip I took.

Tank tops

Tank tops 

I know the thought of wearing tank tops in the winter sounds weird, but hear me out when I say that they can really be used in any season of the year. They can be used in the summer for summer sports such as tennis and pickleball, and in the winter as a top paired with a cardigan or flannel. Furthermore, they come in six different colors and always revert back to their original size when put in the wash, so you never have to worry about outgrowing them. Personally, I usually find myself using them as a sleep tank, or even for workouts—such as when I’m doing yoga or physical therapy. 

Despite the fact that these items are only a fraction of what I’ve purchased from Amazon, they are used on a daily to weekly basis and are products that would serve as a great gift to anyone at any time of the year.