Amazon’s Zulay Milk Frother fluffed up my frappuccinos


Arpita Das

Amazon’s Zulay Original Handheld Milk Frother.

During the time spent in quarantine—a time period when everyone was isolated—I can assume that most of us got use to transforming our lives into a fully virtual environment.

For some of us, this could have meant doing meetings and school from home, endlessly scrolling through social media, and constantly shopping on web browsers. As a teenager, I’m always looking for an impulsive way to spend my money. When I came across this product on amazon, I knew that I could not live without it. 

As someone who utilizes caffeine as a source of energy, it would be an understatement to say that in order to have a good life, I need to have a top-notch latte. What first started as a method of making coffee, and later became a trend on TikTok, I introduce the Zulay Motor Milk Frother that has over 50,000 reviews on Amazon. This battery-powered, handheld frother can transform your lifeless lattes into cafe-style cappuccinos. 

I introduce the Zulay Motor Milk Frother. A battery-powered handheld frother that can transform your lifeless lattes into cafe-style cappuccinos.

But as any customer would, I had my suspicions about buying this product online and had predictions that it would fail the second I used it, but to my surprise, the frother can do much more than make milk foamy. With minimal steps to assemble the frother—placing in two double-A batteries—the frother is ready to spice up your coffee. The Frother itself is the equivalent to a blender, except for the fact that it’s manual and mixes drinks rather than food. 

The main dilemma that I faced when making my coffee wasn’t how it tasted, but rather how the flavor was expressed. Prior to creating my coffees, I would normally use a half cup of coffee grounds and milk brewed together. Although this combination had nothing wrong with it, I sensed that there was something missing with the milk.

A must-have for me when it comes to coffee is milk. Any coffee without milk is like a rainy day without rainbows. The milk is a necessity in order for me to be fully satisfied. When it comes to what type of milk to use, it often depends on what I want my drink to taste like. When I want a creamy coffee I will use whole milk, but if I want something that’s creamy but not sugary, I will go for almond milk. 

Before using the frother in my drinks, my coffee would have the same consistency as water and would not evoke as much flavor. But after using the frother, I’ve noticed that not only have my coffees become more creamy, but also have a stronger flavor. The sugar in my coffee no longer sinks to the base of the cup and the flavor gets distributed equally leaving me with a sugary sip each time. 

To use the frother, you simply press down on the button positioned at the top of the device, similar to how a retractable pen functions, and then very steadily start pouring your coffee whilst frothing your milk. Doing this enables the coffee to still have a strong flavor to savor, but also creates the impression of drinking something similar to the consistency of a cloud. 

Although the frother itself does a nice job of creating the coffee by my standards, there are a few lessons that I have learnt along the way after using it. By any means, do not plan to ever froth anything outside of a cup or a mug because it will then lead to a splatter of milk and coffee all over your kitchen counter. Making coffee in a mug will make it less likely for this to happen, and by frothing milk in a cup, the chances of the frother spinning out of control is unlikely. 

Before making your coffee, I also recommend first pouring in the milk, frothing the milk, and then adding in coffee while frothing to create a cloud-like consistency. Adding milk first prevents the milk and coffee from separating and making it taste bland. Despite the fact that I bought the frother in the first place to level up my coffees, I have also found that it can be used to better blend foods as well. 

On the weekends, my go-to breakfast is always either a scrambled egg along with two pieces of bread or a loaded omelet sprinkled with cheddar cheese and onions. What I’ve found to be interesting with this device is that not only can it blend milk, but it can also blend raw eggs. 

As someone who considers themselves to be a connoisseur of coffee, I would give this product a thumbs up and would recommend it to anyone who wants to sharpen the taste and quality of their coffee at home rather than throwing their money down the drain at the cost of a good latte.