Renovated and revamped: a new era of The Central Trend

Renovated and revamped: a new era of The Central Trend

The Central Trend has always, and will always, strive to bring you the students of FHC, along with the news that comes with them.

Even prior to being titled The Central Trend, dedicated students worked tirelessly to provide the latest FHC news. They did so through The Forest Edge, an entirely print newspaper that would be distributed to students a few times a year. However, these print editions did not allow for staff writers to pump news out as it happened. So, the transition from print to an online presence began; The Forest Edge was retired, and The Central Trend was born.

The transition from print editions to a solely online presence did not occur overnight. Initially, 2-4 print editions would be distributed throughout the year while stories were being uploaded to the website. This helped build the Trend’s online presence, but did not allow the students to work towards a single goal – finding the best news, writing the finest story, and publishing it to the website.

Soon, it became apparent that The Central Trend was expanding exponentially and couldn’t be held back by the print editions.

The 2016-17 school year was the first year that no print editions were distributed (excluding the Senior Edition). Although it was a large leap to take, the payoff was immense, given the 2016-17 school year was the biggest year in Central Trend history.

A large portion of the success of The Central Trend last year can be chalked up to the ambitious staff. Students were constantly working to improve their writing skills, as well as increase readership on the website. Students began taking more active roles within the class, truly wanting to see it grow. The Central Trend blossomed as a result, and it looks as if the success of last year is going to continue into this upcoming one.

With a majority of the previous staff returning for the imminent school year, the growth of The Central Trend is showing no signs of stopping.

The website has recently undergone some cosmetic updates to make it more professional in order to match the quality of the stories being published. To accompany the renovated website, TCT staff is currently working on having an app developed (future coverage to come). Not only have there been updates to the website itself, but the types of stories being published each day have been modified as well.

The Central Trend is transforming into a hub of all things FHC, with about six stories being published every weekday, as well as updates on FHC sports from the Sports Report.

The publishing schedule of The Central Trend has been revised, which means it was only logical to update the types of articles being published.

For example, The Central Trend is excited to introduce a new series, Humans of FHC, modeled after the popular Humans of New York. Here student/staff anecdotes and memories will be shared via The Central Trend, providing insight into the lives of a variety of students and staff alike.

Personality profiles, a new introduction, are designed to highlight the exceptional things that all students do at FHC. Whether they’re involved in a sport, a club, or simply academically successful, the writers on The Central Trend strive to bring a better understanding of what it’s like to be a student at FHC.

With the frequency of which articles are posted on The Central Trend, as well as a new variety of stories designed to publicize the extraordinary students throughout the building, the staff writers are excited to see what this year will bring.

The student voice of FHC has never been louder.