Humans of FHC: Connor Stadler


“Worlds is a really unique experience; I think it’s around thirty thousand individuals who go from around the entire world. I think there are over fifty or sixty countries. There are sponsors there that are as large as SpaceX; GE-Disney was [also] there last year. It’s just a nerdfest of a bunch of students. I’ve been lucky enough to go all three years for the past few [years]. It’s interesting how you get used to the environment because it’s [in] St. Louis every year. Actually, this upcoming year it’ll be in Detroit–so it’ll be a lot closer–because Michigan is such a huge part in the robotics community. Michigan has more teams than any other state by more than two hundred teams. So they’ll move Worlds to Detroit, which will be interesting to see this year. But the sponsors are always fun. You always have a little bit of shock at the people who show up. We’ve had the General of the US Air Force talk, showed up and sanga�� and swore in front of a bunch of middle schoolers “cause he forgot that the competition goes all the way down to the elementary school level. Oh, one of the sponsors had a golf outing that I missed because I was doing my Little Caesar’s interview, and it turns out that at that golf interview they were offering jobs to all students. So that sucked because then I worked at Little Caesar’s instead of an engineering company.”