Humans of FHC: Joey Killman


[Regarding what it feels like to be the Head Oompa Loompa of the senior lip sync:] I’m under a lot of pressure here. If I don’t nail it, then I kinda let the whole senior class down. My inspiration? A lot of people were pressuring me into [taking on the role of Head Oompa Loompa], so I just gave into peer pressure. But it was good peer pressure because now I feel good about myself, and I think I’m really going to do [well] for this performance. I really think I am ready [to lead the rest of my Oompa Loompas]. Once I set the example for everybody else, everyone’s just going to follow, and it’s going to be amazing. It’s me, my cakes, and I that will lead [our class to success]. If I mess this up, then Wonka is going to kill me.”