Humans of FHC: Joseph Smith


“So [my freshman year in high school, for homecoming], I really wanted to ask this girl that I knew that lived down the street from me. But she had a date already, and she’s like “Oh, I’ll set you up with this other girl.a�� So she set me up with [Katie]. And she went with somebody named Michael. So we went out to dinner, chit chatting and whatnot, and then we went to the dance, and it was great. We went back and hung out at [Carrie’s] place; by the end of the evening, my date and her date were the ones hanging out and spending time together. So I didn’t end up with a date at homecoming, and I didn’t get to go with the girl I wanted to [in the first place]. But it’s okay because it ended up all good in the end. Because I ended up marrying that girl I wanted to ask.”