Are school sports worth the money?

Are school sports worth the money?

Starting at an increasingly younger age, students are delving deeper into the world of sports. Schools are becoming more and more intense in how they approach sports. And as sports importance in schools continues to climb, so does the money needed to support these programs. But not everyone is comfortable with the rise in money needed to support sports in school.

Many people feel that the money they pay so public schools can continue to run should be used to improve the academic success of students, not the athletic success. I can imagine the annoyance for taxpayers who expect their money to be spent improving the next generation but instead, their hard earned money is going towards new sports equipment. It is a common argument that the amount of money being put towards school sports is being wasted because the sports are not as important as the academic side of school.

People worry that the public schools in America aren’t reaching their full potential academically due to the lack of funding for academics. Many people struggle with the idea of more money being spent to increase students athleticism and not the skills of which they will need as adults.

However, there are always two sides to a story. Those who participate in school sports argue that their importance goes way beyond simply winning. Sports teach perseverance, teamwork, problem-solving skills, all without having to set foot in a classroom. A point that is often brought up is that high school sports can bring the school together. Participating in the student section at sports games is a great way to meet new people. Students are brought together over their love for their team and are undyingly loyal even after graduation.

It must also be noted that it isn’t just the student body that is brought together by school sports, it’s the whole community. Families with younger children can bring their kids to games knowing that they are in a safe environment to play and meet other kids. Alumni of all ages come watch the games in support of their high school and to see other people they went to school with.

I understand where people who worry that too much money is going into school sports are coming from. But, as a high school athlete, I have experienced just how significant school sports are. I have learned so many things that will follow me into my adult life. And, I know that sports have changed me for the better. So maybe sports take a lot of money, but in the end, the life lessons I learned on the court are unparalleled.