My tribute to the silver linings


November is the month of gratitude and giving thanks to the people in your life, but I believe that we shouldn’t forget about the little things: the small, recurring victories that hide in the crevices of your day.

I hope I don’t come off as materialistic, but these physical items and actions help keep me going through the day. They’re hard to consciously notice, but they deserve appreciation nonetheless.

First, here’s a tribute to cold coffee.

The first thing I smell in the morning is the brew I made the night before. When my eyes want nothing more than to close together and fall back asleep, I down twelve ounces of black, caffeinated goodness. I can thank this mug of joy for the energy it takes to start my day at 5 in the morning.

I’d also like to recognize the shoes on my feet.

My strength is directly correlated to the strength found in arch support from the soles of my shoes. They give a pump to each stride, whether I’m running or walking with purpose.

Third, I love and appreciate the keyboard on my computer.

It allows me to express my feelings in endless combinations. 26 letters with no meaning on their own come together to speak volumes. When my mind is idle, my fingers are lightly tapping on my keys, hovering over certain ones as if phantom words are waiting to materialize.

In light of the rapid digitalization of the world, I’m thankful for paper and pencil as well.

There are things to be grateful for all year; November shouldn’t be the only 30 days we stop to count our blessings. ”

Taking a writing utensil in my hand and putting it to a notebook always feels more real: I might not be leaving a permanent digital footprint in the form of a byte, but I’m imprinting words that I can physically touch and feel. The grooves on a paper read out my thoughts more than pixels on a screen ever could.

On a similar note, books have a special place in my heart.

There’s nothing that makes me happier than being cuddled up with some blankets while reading a good book, especially if the weather is gloomy outside. While I don’t have time for this very often, I truly appreciate the chances that I do. Like Aldous Huxley once said, “The proper study of mankind is’ books.” Through pages and pages bound by a spine, I travel to places I’ve never been and experience lives that aren’t mine. It’s magical.

I love the rain. I love the sunshine. I love the moon that glows, and the moon that hides behind clouds. I love the first snow– pure and fluffy and soft.

I love the drive to school and the drive back home. I love seeing people smile, and I love seeing people get stronger through overcoming their struggles.

I love the laughter I hear at school. I love the endless bound of education I have access to. I love the assignments that are a breeze, and I love the ones that really make you think and try, try again.

There are things to be grateful for all year; November shouldn’t be the only 30 days we stop to count our blessings. And while I believe that people are what make the world go round, there is still a long list of material items that I’m lucky to have and experience.

As for the people I love and appreciate– that’ll come in the next article.