Horrocks Market is every person’s childhood fairytale

Horrocks Market is every persons childhood fairytale

Imagine walking into a large, colorful grocery store. It’s full of sights, smells, and sounds. However, where there is usually a feeling of hustle-and-bustle, one of warmth and calmness is found.

The image of a clean-cut glass building is often correlated with the cold, formulaic nature of tidiness. At Horrocks Market, though, the glass only magnifies the spirit of sunshine that shines through its greenhouse panes.

Even from the outside, Horrocks is already impressive. It sits majestically, tucked in next to smaller stores that can’t even begin to compare with its grace.

A welcoming ramp decorated with seasonal icons lines the path into the store. I tread in, eager to see what it has to offer.

Upon entering, my senses are filled with an aura akin to magic; I feel as though I’ve been enchanted by some fairy powder. A thrilling rush of adrenaline floods every vein in my body, and with a release of the air in my lungs, I venture on.

As I look around to find hanging plants dangling from the greenhouse ceiling, I realize just how much the fairytale sensation fits the Horrocks experience. There are garden gnomes at the head of each aisle–protectors of the flora and fauna.

Little woven baskets feature a rainbow of flowers, and it takes everything in me to peel my eyes away from the enchanted forest long enough to make my way into the actual grocery store.

As I bid farewell (for now) to the greenhouse section of Horrocks, I am greeted by a whole new world of cultures.

Each section of the store’s layout was like a new story that I savored reading– each shelf a new evening, a new page of The Arabian Nights.

It seemed as though Horrocks was always one jump ahead of my line of sight; as soon as I thought I had found my niche, another one tempted me.”

I turned to my right and discovered a cave of wonders: an array of metallic shelves boasting every child’s daydream and deepest wish. Upon each rack, there lay upwards to a hundred types of candy and chocolate.

While I was astounded at the real-life Chocolate Factory of Willy Wonka, my attention was directed elsewhere as my horizon of observation scanned the floors further.

My jaw dropped when I saw three whole counters of soup. As I moved closer, I found that it got better: each counter had eight different flavors of soup!

Together, the selection offered everything from chicken noodle to French onion to butternut squash to Italian wedding to classic chili. As an avid soup enthusiast, I was left speechless.

It seemed as though Horrocks was always one jump ahead of my line of sight; as soon as I thought I had found my niche, another one tempted me. I was soon drawn to the cheese display, which gave the cozy atmosphere of Horrocks a new level of classiness.

Taking a deep breath, I watched the customers around me. Older people had the ability to sample wine from the adult section of the store, and I loved seeing shoppers calmly picking out groceries while sipping on their drinks.

Their relaxed spirits were contagious, and I could feel none of the usual grocery-shopping-rush.

Even though Horrocks supplies a library of food products, none of its customers ever feel overwhelmed by the pressure of choices.

Rather than feeling conflicted on which bread to choose, shoppers are put at ease with the magical atmosphere; samples of all food varieties allow everyone passing through to make the right decision in his or her purchase.

If I had felt lost before, the metaphorical Yellow Brick Road of Horrocks led me home. Walking through the doors felt like a hug, and leaving wasn’t a goodbye– it was a see-you-later.