Humans of FHC: Sarah Raisch


“I taught myself how to play when I was probably five. I had played before I was five but it wasn’t actually teaching myself. My mom actually plays the piano and she taught lessons but she didn’t teach them to me so I just found some of her piano books that she used with her students and just started teaching myself. I learned how to play by ear more than read music, so at first it was just listening to the songs and playing it out and eventually as I got older I learned to read music. So I’ve been playing piano for, I guess, thirteen years now, which is crazy.

With piano, you can do so many things. So I play in the worship band at my church, and I can accompany people for solo ensemble and other competitions. I teach piano lessons now to elementary age students, which is so fun. It’s the best job I could possibly have. It’s just a very universal instrument. There are pianos everywhere and I can just sit down and play. People love it and I love it.

I actually took lessons for about five years and then now that I’m teaching piano. Basically, once you learn enough, you don’t have to take lessons anymore; it’s just making sure that you still keep sitting down and playing even after you’re not taking lessons.

I really like movie soundtracks; for my birthday I got La La Land. So I’ve been playing that nonstop. I love playing songs that people know and that when I play people go, “Oh yeah I know exactly what that is.””