Snow Rose by City Girl is by far my favorite album for studying


Isn’t it annoying when you’re trying to listen to music while writing an essay, but you start writing the lyrics. And, you don’t want to listen to those brain wave study music playlists because those are plain boring?

After quite a bit of searching, I think I found my favorite study music: Snow Rose by City Girl. I don’t entirely understand how City Girl creates such soft, beautiful music, but she does. There are few lyrics woven into the music; however, the music is just simply gorgeous, soft, and doesn’t distract me like all other music.

After a long stressful day, I like to just turn on this album and chill. I can listen to it while I sketch, write, meditate, clean, or do homework. Each track has such a calming beat and exposes a setting.

For example, listening to third track “Soundlessly in the Wind like Lost Souls” takes me back to New York City, sitting in a tiny coffee shop sipping cocoa and watching tiny raindrops tap on the window that looks out upon the street. The street lined is with tall black street lamps and dancing autumn leaves. The music takes me to a different world where worry is a foreign concept.

Everyone deserves a break from the stress and cruelty of the world sometimes, and I love the fact that this artist has given us this gift.

Furthermore, I notice I tend to do my homework more efficiently when listening to this album. The tracks remind me of leaves decorated in crystalline droplets of dew, the tarnished wrought wood of an autumn tree blown and struck yet standing stoically.

My personal favorite track in this album is Chateau Fountain. Which, for me, tells a story. The beginning has a soft strum of string instruments but also the rub of water flowing through a creek. Slowly, the music starts building up to something and openings of two doors can be heard. Once the build-up ends, the lyrics “take the flowers; no!; take the flowers; I’m alright! Ah!” are sung. This makes me think of a perfect family that isn’t so perfect underneath their flawless family portrait, sort of similar to the concept portrayed in Melanie Martinez’s Dollhouse.

I think the fact there is a minimal amount of lyrics allows the listener to construct their own story and lyrics based on the various sounds and tones of the music which is such a beautiful thing.

I’ll never understand how music could be so beautiful.