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Jay Gootjes
Jay Gootjes is in her freshman year of high school and entering her first year on the TCT staff. She loves to write and sketch. In her free time, she watches Netflix, writes books online, and plays with her pets, Bubba, Tito, Tiko, Chocolate, and Rainbow.


Favorite part of being on staff: Being around so many amazing, huggable people

Favorite type of story: Editorials

Hobbies/interests: Writing, reading, biking, and hiking

Favorite book and why: Summer in the South by James Marshall because she read it over thirty times when she was young and it kickstarted her creative drive.

On Friday nights you will find Jay: Chilling, watching Riverdale and/or The Arrow, drawing, writing, rearranging art supplies, and spoiling her pets.

Jay Gootjes, Staff Writer

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Jay Gootjes