Emily Cobb expresses herself through her art

Art supplies in hand, senior Emily Cobb works magic on paper and tablet.

“[Art] allows me to express myself and create something that’s beautiful,” Emily said.

When Emily was six, she experienced a monumental life change. She moved from a rural part of Maine to here in Ada. It was a strange move for her because she stayed with her aunt in Massachusetts while her house was being cleared out. After finally coming to Michigan she had to stay in an apartment for a while, as her family’s new house was being constructed before finally moving into her new house.

“It was the biggest change I had experienced in my life,” Emily said.

When she began elementary school in Michigan, Emily started becoming more interested in art. She loved art class in elementary school and continued to express herself through art. She liked to doodle fairies in fifth and sixth grade and had a little obsession with magical creatures. But when middle school came around her relationship with art faltered, and she engaged in artistry less and less. However, something clicked in high school, and her passion for art was ignited once again.

“Something inspired me,” Emily said.

Emily began to later experiment with digital art, broadening her talent. She is now taking AP Art and is compiling a portfolio. Although, she does not plan to pursue art as a career for fear of art turning less into something she loves and more into work she dreads.

“In [art] class when we have an assignment, I sometimes don’t want to do it,” Emily said. “But whenever I do [art] on my own, I really enjoy doing it. I’m worried I’ll get caught up in the “oh, it’s worka�� and ruin a hobby that’s really special to me.”

Though she expressed that the option is still on the table, Emily feels art school is not in her future.

“I’m not confident enough in my abilities [to go to art school],” Emily said.

Despite not wanting to turn art into a career, Emily would still like to minor in art. As for careers, she is considering going into something in the field of biology or chemistry. She wants to go to college out east and looks forward to the years ahead.

“I want to start living my life,” Emily said.

Emily will continue to express herself through her artistry as a hobby, pursue the things she loves, and live her life.

“I like having pretty things to look at, and to be able to create something that’s pretty makes me happy,” Emily said.