Kaitlyn and Megan Piontkowsky have a sisterly bond that will last a lifetime


From their very first breath, juniors Kaitlyn and Megan Piontkowsky were destined to be best friends. From playing soccer, inside jokes, and similar carefree personalities, it’s clear that they could never find a better soulmate than each other.

“We talk about [life without each other] all the time,” Megan said. “I have no idea how anyone goes throughout life without a twin. It’s weird to think of not having someone who is ‘you.’ I’ve been with her since day one.”

The girls have similar friend groups, but the fact that they’re twins does not force them to have the same ones. However, Kaitlyn recalls specific moments when people who know Megan have come up to her and asked a question. Both of them have become so accustomed to the act, they’ve learned to just accept it, and go along pretending to be the other.

Although the girls are constantly compared and confused for one another, they never complain about it. In fact, they both say they don’t mind the confusion but rather couldn’t imagine their lives any other way. Their close bond not only allows them to communicate in ways that no one else can understand but also in a way that is closer than sisterhood.

“We used to make stupid games that no one would understand,” Megan said. “We used to have a stupid language. We said every word with a ‘Z’ before the first letter. We thought we were so cool.”

Due to how close the sisters are, they are able to communicate with a simple glance or nod. This ability allows for predictable movements while playing soccer, a sport both girls grew up loving.

“We’ve been playing together since we were in second grade,” Megan said. “We know what we’re going to do beforehand. We don’t even have to talk to each other: I just give her a [glance], and she knows what I’m going to do.”

The fact that the girls have both played with each other for so long and their close bond allows them to constantly push each other to accomplish more. With their competitive spirits, they drive each other to be the best version of themselves, while also betting more trivial things such as who can brush their hair faster. However, when it comes to soccer, the sisterly competition challenges them to always bring their A-game.

“Since we’ve been playing for so long together, we know how we play really well,” Kaitlyn said. “We know how the other one will go for a run, or if they’ll pass or not. We’re super competitive with each other. When we’re [tied] at practice, we always go hard. And if one of us is on the bench, you can tell if the other needs a sub, which is super helpful.”

Despite always being known as the “twins,” the girls don’t mind being compared to each other. In fact, they agree that it pushes them to be better, each wanting to outdo the other in whatever the activity, their competitive sides each attempting to outshine the other.

“Everything’s a competition between us,” Megan said. “I think that us competing has made us [better]. I know that if I tell Kaitlyn she can’t do something, it makes her want to do it 400 times more.”

Their love for soccer and competition is not the only thing these girls have in common. Both happen to be vegetarians. Although Kaitlyn was inspired by some videos in 5th grade, Megan did not hop on the wagon until freshman year. Up until that point, Megan had always made fun of Kaitlyn for her no-meat lifestyle. Now, Megan is a full-time vegetarian and an on-and-off vegan.

“I went vegetarian Thanksgiving of freshman year,” Megan said. “Kaitlyn and I have always been animal people, and she was already a vegetarian, so it wasn’t a huge transition for my family or for me. At first, I really had to think about what I could and could not eat but now, I don’t even have to think twice about it.”

Despite being similar in their love for soccer and nearly identical faces, the girls do differ in many ways. While Megan was a dancer and Kaitlyn was a basketball player, these are not the only things that separate them. Kaitlyn has a passion for kids and desires to be a pediatrician, while Megan loves animals and wants to pursue being a vet as a career. Both of them were able to deepen their love for the sciences through AP Chem this year.

“I babysat a little girl who has diabetes, and I had to give her insulin shots,” Kaitlyn said. “It was really eye-opening, and I really just wanted to help her. Ever since we were younger, we both loved animals, and I always used to want to be a vet before last year. We only took AP Chem because we knew we were going to have to do it in college– same with most of our AP classes. We’re just hoping to lessen the length of our schooling.”

Both girls take the same classes, the only thing differing between them is Kaitlyn taking Spanish 4, while Megan is taking AP Stats. They don’t mind being in all the same classes because it allows them to always have their best friend in their class, they get to help each other with homework, and they never have to walk in late to a class alone.

When you are this close to someone, it can lead you to feel overwhelmed with their presence. Despite this, both Kaitlyn and Megan can never stay upset with each other for long, their fights lasting no more than five minutes on the regular.

“We fight a ton, but after we argue it takes about three minutes for us to make up and laugh about it,” Megan said. “I think we just understand when to stop; I don’t know how to describe it. We’re like a married couple. A competitive married couple. It’s literally like that.”