Player Profile: Chance Vincent

Player Profile: Chance Vincent

Name: Chance Vincent

Grade: 11

Sport: Boys varsity cross country

What is your favorite part about cross country?

“My favorite part of cross country is getting to be a part of a team and push myself to the limit, nothing feels better than pushing myself during the last mile of a race and seeing that my time has improved.”

Why did you join the team?

“I joined the Cross Country team because a friend told me about it and I wasn’t doing any sports at the time.”

What is the hardest part of this sport?

“The hardest part is definitely the practices, some days we run a cool 3 miles after school, and other days it’s 8-10 through the woods on a Saturday morning at 7 am.”

What are some of your personal goals for the season?

“One of my personal goals for this season is to just improve my physical health in general. We do a lot of lifting, yoga, and of course, running, which makes me feel better overall.”

What are some of your team goals for the season?

“Our team goal this year is to improve, we are all determined to be the best we can be and run as hard as we can.”