A commitment that will only end in tears


High school: four years where teenagers can experience friendships and four years where teenagers can experience relationships.

In those four years, around eighty percent of people have been in at least one relationship. The downfall is those people believe that their relationship is the most important thing and lose track of other more important responsibilities.

The harsh reality of relationships is that students who are dating are more likely to experience a drop in their grades. With feeling obligated to always be with each other, there is less room for their studies. This then leads to more room for them to procrastinate or not do assignments at all. It is already hard enough for students to be focused on their studies; however, with this distraction, it makes it crucial to be dedicated to school.

Not only does it affect students grades, but it also interferes with friendships. The unfortunate truth is that it is too hard to manage both your friendships and relationships. When all they focus on is their relationship, everything else becomes unimportant. They can’t seem to focus on anything or anyone else.

I have experienced this throughout my years of high school, where relationships find a way to interfere with friendships. However, if my friend is happy in a relationship, then I am happy for them. But, if they’re letting their relationship affect our friendship, then that is where it will cause problems to grow quickly like a swarm of bees.

Friendships should always be more valuable, but when in a relationship, people lose track of what will be most effective in the long run. The value of a friendship should never be broken by dating since only two percent of “high school lovers” truly last.

So, is a high school relationship really worth it?

There are many downfalls to relationships, but they also are beneficial. Students are able to learn specific skills that they can carry into adulthood, making it easier for a healthy relationship in the future. More experience can also cause them to also feel a sense of relief when they are looking for a more serious relationship.

Even though you can develop specific skills, teenage dating is still not worth the commitment that will only end in tears.

Students are wasting too much time on relationships. They are not seeing the bigger picture and aren’t seeing what will truly affect them in the future. At some point, they need to decide whether it’s something they want or something they will really need.