The quote that changed my perspective


Last week, I was experiencing an average day. I was sitting on my couch anxiously waiting for my friend to pick me up. She finally arrived, and I headed right out the door. When I got in the car, music was blaring, and I began singing like any other day. In the middle of the song, I suddenly felt my phone buzz in my pocket.

As I checked my phone, I came across a text message that my mom sent me. Now this wasn’t just a regular question from my mom like “Where are you?” or “What are you doing?” Today, I received a photo. When I clicked on the photo, I soon discovered it was a quote.

“My advice to middle school/high school girls: skip the ‘being mean to your mom’ stage, and appreciate that woman so much. When you’re off on your own, you’ll quickly realize that she is the best and truest friend you’ll ever have.”

At first, I laughed because earlier that day, my mom and I got into an argument. So, I assumed it was just another one of her ways to tell me I was in the wrong.

However, the more that quote engraved itself into my brain, the more I realized its meaning.

As much as I didn’t want to admit she was right, that quote spoke a very significant message to me. To my mom, she just wanted to get an accurate point across, but to me, it truly meant much more.

It helped me open my eyes to reality. Time passes, and I don’t usually think about how valuable it is. My teenage years will soon slip away like sand in my fingers, which means I need to stop wasting my time arguing with my mom and appreciate everything she does for me.

If my room is dirty, then she will clean it. If there are piles of dirty laundry, then she will wash and fold them. She does more for me than I actually thought.

Does she really do all of that stuff just for me?

Once I am on my own, those little things won’t be so little anymore.

As for the friend aspect, my mom is always by my side no matter what. I know that if I ever need her for anything, she will listen under any circumstance.

As I struggle through my high school years, I see how much my mom can help me through it. She has gone through the teenage stage, so she knows exactly what it’s like.

My day started off so average, and I never would have expected one quote to truly change my perspective.