Tyler Fewell sees a bright future for the art department with a new graphic design class


Art teacher Tyler Fewell has always been inspired by art. Recently, he realized that he wanted to expand the art department to inspire students and their futures. 

As a school, FHC offers an immense number of classes for students to take, focusing on creating classes that will help all students to pursue or find out what they want to do in their careers.

The art department is a perfect example of this. There are a variety of classes in which students can learn new techniques for art and explore what they enjoy most. Fewell decided he wanted to add more variety with a new graphic design class. 

“Coming up with this idea was simple,” Fewell said. “I have a professional background in graphic design and taught it in Chicago before I came to Forest Hills.”

Having experience with this class before, Fewell was inspired to commence the program at FHC. He is certain that students would be fully capable of working hard in his new idea.

“I am inspired by the great work I’ve seen students have with an interest in graphic design in the past,” Fewell said. “I see the students having so much potential with this class in the future.”

From previous interests, he sees plenty of possibilities for students. Fewell has many ideas and plans that will help increase approval for the class.

His plans would not have been able to be executed without the help of his fellow students. He wasn’t sure how many people would actually want to take the class but was surprised that many were interested.

“While I am lucky to have received assistance from a number of sources along the way,” Fewell said, “I have to thank the students more than anyone for making it clear that such a course is demanded among the student body.”

His students were able to play a huge role in further continuing his course. One of the main contributions that helped Fewell get the results he needed was a petition. Senior Vaughn Rodriguez was given a petition to pass to see what the students were thinking and if Fewell’s idea could become a reality.

“I got over 120 signatures,” Vaughn said. “Mr. Fewell didn’t think I would be able to fill out the papers, but I did.”

For the outgoing person that Vaughn is, he was able to spread the word and show people the endless possibilities the class will offer. All of the signatures showed that students care about the class.

With this course, the students will be able to experience an introduction to graphic design. It is made to teach kids how to work with new tools and to introduce them to basic skills needed for future classes. Not only does it teach kids new skills, but it also helps build up a portfolio for their future careers.

“If you want to continue the designing path in college,” Vaughn said, “it is helpful to have previous knowledge and experience before moving forward.”

For the students that want to pursue graphic design, this class will give them a wide variety of options for their future career.

Vaughn knows the importance the class has for students in the future, so he was excited to prove that other students were also inspired by the class.

In addition to Vaughn, principal Steve Passinault has high hopes for the new class. He supports the class and knows it is a great opportunity for the students.

“I believe that it has a lot of merit,” Passinault said, “and I am optimistic that it will be approved.”

Passinault will participate on the committee for the approval. They will review and discuss the new course to decide whether to approve or disapprove. So far, there has been no reason not to approve it since the class is a perfect fit in the curriculum.

“I think this is a great class that will fit in well with current offerings,” Passinault said. “It gives students a chance to learn a skill that combines modern technology and art.”

The class offers very inspiring opportunities as well as comes with a teacher that is perfect for the course who has a lot of background knowledge. 

“Fewell has an excellent background in this area,” Passinault said. “He will for sure help give students the background they need.”

When the committee is able to see that students are intrigued by the new proposal of a graphic design class, Fewell sees a bright future for the art department in the 2019 to 2020 school year.

“Graphic design is a critically important and accessible facet of the creative fields that impacts more broadly and offers more career options than any other branch of art,” Fewell said.