Typical breakfast foods are accompanied by not-so-typical tastes at Cherie Inn


Anxiously waiting to eat breakfast, I jumped out of my car and raced to the door. Before I even walked into Cherie Inn, the fresh smell of bacon and syrup indulged my nose, making me even more excited to go in.

I opened the old, squeaky door and was greeted by a tall man with the biggest smile. Every table was occupied with families and couples; however, there was one table empty for my family. He kindly sat us down, handed us our menus, then began pouring us ice cold water.

As I searched the menu, I found many meals I could not pronounce because each meal has a very unique name. Not only does this inn have breakfast foods, but its menu also consists of a variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches for lunch.

The waitress came over asking for our orders and told us the specials for the day. We all ended up ordering average breakfast meals. I ordered their Cherie Inn that comes with cinnamon toast, eggs, and meat of your choice. It’s a meal that I have eaten a million times, but it never fails to please me.

Knowing there were so many customers, I wasn’t expecting our food to come quickly. However, they were able to make and serve our food in a very short period. I was shocked but very delighted.

Looking at my meal, I wasn’t expecting much. Since I have eaten this meal plenty times before, I knew exactly how it would taste. I finally dug into my meal and was once again shocked.

The eggs that I dug into first had a rich flavor that I have never tasted before in eggs. At first, I did not enjoy it and found it very strange. But as I continued to eat them, I found myself enjoying the unusual-tasting scrambled eggs. After I ate the eggs, it made me very intrigued to eat the rest of the food on my plate.

When I finished my plate, I was so satisfied. It was the perfect amount of food to fill me up, leaving my stomach very happy. Not only did the food exceed my expectations, but the waitress was very helpful and was always checking up on us making sure everything was just how we wanted.

The happy, little Cherie Inn is located on Cherry Street, and I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a cute, little breakfast place. It’s a fresh, new atmosphere, and the food doesn’t taste like your typical breakfast foods. The customer service, environment, and food were all around amazing, and I will definitely be going back there again soon.