Time waits for no one


For something made up by mankind, it all seems too real.

It can either pass by unnoticed, or its presence is unbearable.

It’s confusing. I have so many questions about it.

Am I able to do everything I want to try now? Is it possible? All I do now is sit here and wait. If I sit, time will do what is destined to happen; it will pass.

Time is not something to mess with. It waits for no one.

When I’m reminded of abhorrent past memories, they last for eternity. They have no concept of their own effect on me. Why do they meander mellowly into my mind and take over my thoughts? Why do I remember them so well? The warmth of time keeps them alive, making it grow on me, like incessant vines.

When I recall on the best memories, they come and go so fast. Why are they so short? Why does the contentment of each of them never last? The warmth of time withers and drys the joy until what was life is now smoldering ashes in my hand. Time waits for no memory.

Time waits for no one.

Why do people want to travel through time, to rewrite what we regret? Why rewrite it? Whatever mistake you made was meant to be, despite what you believe. Despite what you ever wanted to happen, you learned from it.

Will I ever learn? What will the future teach me? What will happen to my friends and the times I had with them?

What will happen to me?

Time waits for no one.

If we ignore past mistakes and look for our answers in the future, we won’t be able to see a future, suffocating by the torment of endless failures. If we dwell in the past, we’ll be blinded by past mistakes and bittersweet memories left behind.

Why is time so cruel?

Why am I not able to accept time? I have so many questions about it.

It’s confusing. I have so many questions about it. I know they won’t ever be answered though.

Time does not seek to empathize for those cursed of their impatience. It knows everything and teases you with its knowledge. Time is a rare, expensive thing. Time is special, and it knows that. That’s another thing I understand about it.

Nothing is able to stop the unending marching of time. I can’t mess around with time anymore.
Time waits for no one.