Paris Café and Desserts astounds me with a unique variety

Lynlee Derrick

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Emma Zawacki
March 15, 2021
Linus Kaechele
February 17, 2021

Having grown up on Cosmic Brownies, Zebra Cakes, and Swiss Cake Rolls—all from miss Little Debbie herself—I was not prepared for what Paris Café and Desserts had in store for me.

Upon entering after a quick drive down 28th Street, I was immediately greeted by a warm, welcoming feeling inside, as if the cafe had known that I absolutely love cozy coffee shops. Chic decorations corresponded with the overall theme of Paris and littered the walls as the lighting perfectly displayed everything offered.

Making this trip simply for the desserts I craved, which is no new revelation, I disregarded the other meals offered such as soups, paninis, and coffees. My eyes fixated on the goals shared with my stomach: eating chocolate, sugar, and cake.

After making just a few steps, I approached the display case that showcased all the desserts; ranging from traditional Bosnian baklavas to cheesecake, I made a mental note to come back again and again until I had tried everything. A kind lady approached, and I quickly made my order. In an effort to expand my palate that often gets attacked for being limited—I’m just a tad picky, according to my family—I made an uncertain leap into new territory.

As my eyes tend to be, they were bigger than my stomach, but I merrily ordered an Italian cream pie, a chocolate napoleon slice, a piece of a spiraled cylindrical chocolate cake, and a Bosnian baklava. Altogether, my four items and an espresso only totaled $10.59, to my surprise.

My desserts were placed on a decadent plate, and I wandered over to a booth ready to satisfyingly savor my selected desserts.

I began with the Italian cream pie, and it was unlike any dessert I had ever tried before. The top seemed to be a glaze that rivaled creme brulee, but the actual portion underneath was as shakeable as jello. Upon my first bite, I was intrigued by the texture; each helping coated my teeth in sugar glaze while melting against my tongue. Being so gooey, I couldn’t even chew it, but rather I had to simply move it around in my mouth.

After that intriguing encounter, I bit into the chocolate napoleon. Not knowing what to expect—a common theme with the items I ordered—I was pleasantly surprised. Layers of chocolate, icing, and thin crisp bread magnificently mixed in my mouth to create a chocolate heaven Cosmic Brownies once had. Getting about halfway through the portion, I moved on to the cake roll slice and the baklava.

Slicing up the baklava as elegantly as I could without proper training, I hesitantly took a bite like a dog afraid of water. With one bite, the flavor confused me in the best ways possible; this taste leaned towards that of an unknown fruit, and I spent the whole time eating it trying to investigate. Yet, I have not found the answer. The baklava was truly a new experience.

From something entirely new to me to the standard chocolate cake roll, my taste buds felt at home, and I swiftly finished my slice despite it being quite large. Moist, chocolatey, and definitely not lacking in sugar, this cake met all of my criteria.

With a full but bloated stomach, I left Paris Café and Desserts planning my next visit despite my inability to drive. Filled with delicious foods to cater to any craving, I will definitely be returning once I run out of my leftovers.