Life’s stairs have led into the abyss



The fall season represents a fall for freedom and a fall for all.

Stunning stairs gave way,

for she was falling

into the waves.


Just one year,

only a year, 

and her youthful mind collapsed

along with the stairs

and the world.


In free fall,

she fell far too long

into the gasping sea below.


Her breath was stolen

by the vicious and violent air

that she so effortlessly

was diving through

miles away from the water.


Her arms vehemently fought

to stay strong in the wind

to give her hope.


Yet crumpling under pressure,

her elbows brokenly bent

as if heading towards her body

was their only salvation

before the drowning sea.


The stairs now miles above,

battered, shattered, and splintered,

her face unwillingly braved

the daunting task

of watching its own downfall.


Closer and closer,

she forcibly





deep into the abyss.