She has held on to this “finally” for far too long


Finally, at last,

with the start of a new grade,

friends flocked 

as her reality stay buried.


Overdosing on that feeling,

the feeling she so desperately had chased,

her truth died.


Finally, at last,

with the garnering of friendships,

laughs radiated

as her happiness dulled. 


Gathering those talks,

bonds that replaced her old friend,

her shelves were full.


Finally, at last,

surrounded by the queens of the hierarchy, 

her hunger was satisfied

but her soul was not.


Intoxicated by that high,

one rivaling the sugar rushes,

her eyes reflected the addiction.


Finally, at last,

no longer alone in the corner,

she abandoned her friend

for the flock.


Distracted by the attention,

finally tangible and positive,

she was unaware of the next coming.