Escape the weight of your crushing burdens


Family. Friends. Strangers.

Everyone carries copious burdens upon their backs that can weigh on their lives like the weight of a boulder.

Worries, sadness, anxiety, and fear lay deep within the personalities of those surrounding you. The burdens slowly tear a person apart from the inside to the out.

You may recognize someone as being enthusiastically extroverted, but inside of them, burdens collect and reside in their mind.

People are constantly trying to hide their burdens from the rest of society like a mask. A feeling of embarrassment and shame rides the back of the burdens you carry. Sharing with others the feelings that sink themselves deep into your every thought can be a terrifying experience, but it shouldn’t be.

During my freshman year, my friends and I were dragged to a Young Life meeting with some of our senior friends. We walked into it thinking it would be a boring, talked-up meeting; however, we walked out knowing so much more than we knew when we walked through the doors.

The more meetings we attended, the more open we all became with each other. Our leaders taught us the overwhelming power of being vulnerable with the people around you, and it has changed my life ever since. Instead of running away from speaking openly, I embrace it.

Allowing the other people in your life to know your deepest worries and concerns can better the relationships you share. When they know the little things about you, they can help carry you through the harder days and tougher times.

What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.”

— Brené Brown

Opening up about the sorrows and regrets that lay within me has helped me live a much more optimistic lifestyle. Realizing that you are not alone and not the only one living with worry relieves the crushing weight from your shoulders. When your friends are right alongside you, the weight of the load seems to slowly waste away.

The greatest friendships I have made have come out of me being completely vulnerable. The greatest relationships have come from me being truthful right when I meet somebody new. I no longer hide my deepest fears, but I share them with those who I care about.   

Although vulnerability has the power to change the way you live, allowing yourself to express your concerns is often an intimidating experience. The fears that want to be acknowledged feel as if they can not seep through the cracks of your personality. They want to be heard. They want to be acknowledged.

But allowing them to be seen can be more terrifying than truly letting the painful words fall from your mouth.