I am grateful for pictures and videos


As I transitioned from the raised platform of the large airplane onto the jet bridge, an instant gust of freezing, bitter air grazed my face. Leaving no space for the frigid temperature, I squeezed my arms tightly into my chest and grasped each elbow with the opposite hand. I continued towards the airport: my sixty-degree transition already placed me in a melancholy mood. I squinted as I attempted to adjust to the silver, incandescent lighting of my surroundings. I discovered that a light snow had commenced, and I mourned over having to order hot coffee instead of iced.

My arrival back to Michigan was bittersweet; I obviously enjoyed the beautiful, blazing weather and the opportunity to dance and perform while in Florida. I longed to again obtain the opportunity to be comfortably dressed in shorts, leisurely lie upon a pool chair, and experience the invigorating rides at Universal Studios. However, slow winter life in Michigan managed to continue during the four days I was gone; therefore, although I loathed the idea, I was prepared to commence the work I missed—and relieve the stress that accompanies catching up on schoolwork.

I have been home for a significant amount of time now to be able to passionately long to relive the experience I had been preparing for since last June. I desire to rewind life to a time where I still had the trip to look forward to, where I still had preparations to complete and expectations to develop. I wish to reopen the pages of my life story that contain the events of the weekend that I spent with my high-school dance team in Orlando.

Therefore, to cope with my confused feelings, I have browsed the countless photos that were taken during the trip. I smile at the joy present in all of our eyes, the events we were experiencing that we were not aware would soon morph into vivid memories. I laugh as I view the videos of my friend sophomore Molly Vonk sitting on her suitcase as a last resort to close it and the scene of my other friend sophomore Julia Kirkman’s popcorn that exploded onto the floor after hearing the exciting news that we made it to the finals in jazz.  

I scroll through the copious team pictures that were taken during the trip: waiting for the ferry, following our dance performances, swimming at the pool, dining at the Hard Rock Cafe, consuming gelato at the hotel. These countless photos successfully aid me in accepting that the trip has concluded, that one of the best dance teams FHC has ever had will never dance together again.

I have realized the importance of pictures and videos. I have realized that I am extremely lucky to grow up in a society that has advanced technology such as cellphones. Although I consistently attempt to live in the moment, I am extremely thankful that my phone captured beautiful, hilarious moments I am now able to relive whenever I choose to. The trip to Orlando is definitely something about high school that I will remember as an adult, and thankfully, I have an abundance of pictures and videos to aid in maintaining the existence of the memories that were created during that trip.