I am being forced to experience a significant amount of change in an insignficant amount of time


As I begin the concluding months of my sophomore year, I have come to realize that I will be coerced to experience a significant amount of change in a relatively short amount of time.

In less than a month, my parents’ $98 investment in the AP US History (APUSH) exam will be finally put to use, and I will have completed my first college-level exam ever. The stress of the APUSH exam has been heavily hanging over my head since the very first day of class, like a sign that teases, “Don’t forget about me!”

I will again have to balance an increased amount of dance at the end of May since the end of the school year will mark the commencement of my third season of the FHC dance team. I will have to balance last-minute tests with auditions for dance team on top of recital and nationals rehearsals for studio dance. Maintaining my commitment to excelling in school will shortly become a challenging task again.

Since I have officially been sixteen since November, my parents also demand that I search for a summer job. The reality of actually having to get a job sets in more profoundly each time I finish the complicated process of submitting an application. Not to mention, being of age to hold a job makes me feel considerably old, and I cannot help but frequently wish to return to the uncomplicated days of my youth.

Over the summer, I will also be relocating to a new house. I will have an entire room to design as my own, a room whose goal will be to reflect both my maturity and style. I have not obtained the opportunity to repaint my room since sixth grade; therefore, I am ecstatic to finally reside in a room with gentle charcoal colored walls, a desire I have had for far too long.

Additionally, within the beginning days of July, my family and I will incorporate another member into our considerably-sized family: a white golden retriever puppy. I absolutely adore dogs; however, my family has not owned a dog while I have been alive. Therefore, I will have to quickly learn the strategies behind properly caring for an energetic puppy.

With all of the upcoming responsibility that will be incorporated into my life, I am beginning to encounter a different definition of independence within my everyday life. I will not score well on the AP exam if I do not manage my time wisely and study what is necessary. I will not maintain my grades if I do not properly balance my time after school. I will have to experience the first day of my first job eventually, and I will have to grasp the concepts of the job quickly. Finally, on top of all of that, I will have to accept rapid change within the environment of my household.

I can only hope that my determination will be enough to keep up with the overwhelming amount of upcoming change.