Girls varsity lacrosse blows past Hudsonville in first round of Regionals 25-1


On Friday, May 24, the Forest Hills girls varsity lacrosse team took on the Eagles of Hudsonville in the first round of Regionals at Forest Hills Central. This win sends Forest Hills to the Regional semi-finals, which will be held at FHC.

Throughout the game, usual offensive threats dominated with their shots and moved the ball around, which gave them more opportunities to score. Forest Hills Central freshman Julia Brown tallied eight goals for the team, which is the most so far this season. Forest Hills Eastern senior Erin Kloostra had four goals on the night, and Forest Hills Northern senior Molly Mullett had the same amount. On the defensive side, both Forest Hills Northern juniors Melia Dugan and Bridgett Baker had some great plays and stopped the Eagle offense.

Next, Forest Hills will head into the semi-final rounds of Regionals at Forest Hills Central, tonight at 5:00.