Player Profile: Brendan Guitar

Player Profile: Brendan Guitar

Name: Brendan Guitar

Grade: 11

Sport: Track and field

Event: Shot Put & Discus

How long have you been a part of track and field?

“I started my freshman year, so it’s been about three years.”

Who has been your favorite coach and why?

“Coach Scott because he is the throwing coach, and really, the only coach that I work with.”

What is your favorite track memory?

“ In last year’s season at our first home meet, Tommy Hendricks and I went around to different teams to see who could get more fist bumps from people, it started as a joke but turned into a competition.”

Do you have any meet day traditions?

“I just go out there and do what I gotta do.”

What are five fun facts about you?

  • He enjoys fishing for sport.
  • His favorite Marvel hero is Iron Man.
  • He likes going to Car shows.
  • He is also on the Wrestling team.
  • He is also in the Marching Band.