The new home of the FHC Sports Report


Since its inception in 2017, the FHC Sports Report has been a staple of the Forest Hills Central community. Our extensive coverage on FHC athletics has allowed families to stay informed on their relatives, students to be recognized, and the community as a whole to be more connected.

With the culture of excellence and always striving to do more than anybody else that we have created, we have outgrown our tiny tab hidden within The Central Trend’s website. Each of our sports reporters is writing fantastic, well-written stories day in and day out, but they’re not always getting the recognition they deserve. On average, we post six pieces of content a day as a sports staff, whether that’s stories, podcasts, videos, or more. Sometimes, it can be as many as 15. These stories get smothered and lost due to the hectic—and incredible—posting schedule of the regular TCT staff.

With that, us two editors in chief along with [advisor] Mr. George believed it was time to expand. The sports reporters deserve a place for their work to be headline news and the first story on the site. Quite frankly, that wasn’t always possible with the current setup. With our new home, our stories will be more accessible, more prominent, and easier to navigate.

Us two, the other seniors, and the entire staff want to leave our mark behind with something that will truly change the entire culture and community. We thank you for your viewership as it is exactly what has allowed us to expand and create something that will long outlast us. Stay tuned as pump out more content than ever before as winter sports begin and we launch the new site!

Check out the new site,!