Celebrities in Sports: Adam Sandler


The world of sports is an inclusive place that anyone and everyone can take part in. Basketball is one of those games that a lot of Hollywood’s shining stars seem to participate in. Legendary actor and comedian Adam Sandler is one of those shining stars that always seems to be on the court entertaining the cameras with his funky dad outfits along with his utter domination of opposing players.

Adam has been seen in many movies with basketball stars such as his lead role in Uncut Gems where co-star Kevin Garnett—who played for the Boston Celtics—was seen playing a key role in the movie. Sandler also starred in Grown Ups 2 where NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal played the part of a rather peculiar police officer. These two movies show a clear entrance into the world of professional athletes for Adam, which could be some of his connection to the sport.

In an article by CBS, the actor was seen showing up to a random pickup game at LA fitness to compete with the surrounding athletes in the gym. After a few games, people were rather interested in the actors’ new-found skills. With the power of his flamboyant outfits, harmonizing with his rather large shorts and overly massive shoes that complete the outfit, Sandler balled out. He caught the attention of everyone in the gym—mainly because they didn’t expect a class A comedian coming into their gym and shutting it down. At the age of 54, Adam didn’t let his age slow him down as he went for loose balls, shot the three ball, and virtually controlled the floor from start to finish. 

In a viral video seen soaring through the internet, the comedian was seen playing a 1 on 1 with his English bulldog, Meatball. With a name like that and an actor like Adam, there was no failing as he did circles around the dog with the basketball. Meatball stood no chance against the high school benchwarmer as he left the dog in the dust with his expert-like moves. With his time of youth winding down much like every human in existence, Adam has transitioned from basketball into more sports movies. One rumor is that Lebron James is collaborating to make a movie with Sandler, who may be starring in the Netflix special called Hustle. A movie like this could blow up and would set Adam up as one of Hollywood’s biggest basketball fans and role models.