Olivia Jeong expands her interest in photography through initiating a project to capture the Class of 2020’s events


Olivia Jeong

Senior Olivia Jeong poses in front of a chic, rustic fence.

Last spring, senior Olivia Jeong entered the congested side of the parking lot where the rest of the incoming seniors’ cars were located. Olivia, along with the Class of 2020, was holding a breakfast before school to ring in their rein as seniors. Camera in hand, Olivia captured countless photos of her peers at the new senior breakfast. From there, Olivia—along with senior Alex Bunting—decided to create a Facebook page to make both those pictures and pictures from future events available to the entire senior class.  

“Alex Bunting [and I] really wanted to take pictures of a bunch of people,” Olivia said. “We were like, ‘Oh, we should take pictures of everyone, not just our friends, and then put it on a Facebook page for everyone to see.’” 

So, the “Forest Hills Central Class of 2020” was created. Olivia designates the page as the go-to spot where she uploads and makes available the pictures she takes at various school and strictly-senior events. The page has attracted 90 “likes” to it so far and currently includes pictures of the senior class at the two senior breakfasts, the first day of school activities, the first home football game, and senior retreat. 

“[The goal of the page] is just to capture our senior year and get a lot of pictures of every single person in our grade—not just specific groups,” Olivia said. “Usually, it’s moms liking the posts and commenting, but since the senior retreat, a lot more students have been asking me about the page and for the link.”

Olivia mainly focuses on capturing pictures at the specific senior events such as the senior breakfasts and the senior retreat; meanwhile, Alex focuses on school events such as sports games. Together, they have uploaded over 1,100 photos and two videos onto the page. Right now, they are occupied with figuring out how to allow any member of the Class of 2020 to upload photos they took of an event onto the page. 

“I’ve mostly gotten ‘thank yous’ from my peers for taking pictures,” Olivia said. “This week, a few people have complimented me on the quality of my pictures and how they’re so easy to get.” 

This year, Olivia chose to expand upon her photography skills and become a member of the yearbook staff. Since she enjoys photography as a hobby, she recognized that joining yearbook would be a perfect outlet to supplement her desire of being involved in student activities and taking pictures of school events. 

“Starting that page and taking a bunch of pictures of everyone made me want to join yearbook,” Olivia said. “[I have learned through yearbook] what kind of pictures are the best like candid pictures instead of portraits and posed pictures, what you want to look for when you take pictures of people, and body language [etiquette].” 

But, when Olivia first walked into the yearbook class, she was stunned by how instantaneously she became overwhelmed. The talk of spreads, deadlines, interviews, and selling ads was extremely intimidating; however, Olivia discovered available support in the veteran members of yearbook.

“I think my favorite thing about the class would be how supportive everyone is,” Olivia said. “Even the other first-year members are willing to help everyone out with anything and everything. We’re all super passionate about making this year’s book unique and the best it can be.” 

In the future, Olivia does not plan to strictly pursue photography, but she also does not anticipate herself completely cutting photography out of her life. Although her hobby is relatively new, she has found passion and amusement in photography and being involved in the events of the school and the senior class. 

For now, Olivia is simply delighted to have received praise from her peers for capturing the beautiful moments of the Class of 2020’s senior year through her stunning photos. 

“Honestly, any feedback and recognition is just super flattering to me, and I appreciate that people are even looking at them,” Olivia said.